Whether you need a simple, modern website, or an intensely data-driven site with video processing or other advanced features, inktome can help.

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Half-Kidding MediaA web-based multi-media content management system for BREW phone and smart phone applications.

includes: Database FFMPEG LeadDeveloper MySQL Perl PHP SysAdmin Transcoding
Cantabile Chamber ChoraleThis award-winning organization cultivates an appreciation of the choral arts through commissioning new works, high quality and culturally diverse performances, audience education, and community outreach. Our marketing expert provided pro bono services to this worthy organization, including event promotion, press releases, graphic design, and copywriting.

includes: Copywriting Graphics
My Dream VisionsProfessional dream interpretation site that also includes informational and “how to” articles, sample dream interpretations, an extensive dream dictionary, and educational quizzes.

includes: Branding Database Graphics LeadDeveloper MVC MySQL PHP SysAdmin
SequenomThis biotech company provides DNA analysis systems and genetics solutions for research applications. They needed a cohesive marketing collateral package.

includes: Copywriting Graphics TechWriting
NRG CES ExhibitNRG, one of the country’s largest power companies in the US, created a large scale interactive display at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas to promote "Smart Energy." Our developer created networked touchscreen experiences, instrumented a giant hamster wheel that people ran in and much more.

includes: Database HTML5 LeadDeveloper MVC PHP SysAdmin Touchscreen
Lucent TechnologiesOur marketing expert developed and coordinated marketing for IT products and services. Her work included included online marketing, website consulting, online catalog, and sales collateral. She also managed marketing processes, customer communication teams, marketing standards and guidelines.

includes: Consulting Copywriting Graphics MarketingStrategy TechWriting
The Curious DreamerWe developed this large database site with 15,000 symbols defined by a dream expert. Includes a dream analyzer, how to interpret your dreams, common dream symbol meanings, dream types, and dream FAQs.

includes: Branding CSS3 Database HTML5 LeadDeveloper MVC MySQL Responsive SEO
MotuitThis producer of mobile and web consumer multimedia entertainment experiences needed a developer consultant for a lead programming role.

includes: Database FFMPEG LeadDeveloper MVC Perl PHP SysAdmin Transcoding XHTML
QualcommQualcomm needed a set of largescale materials for a satellite phone and data network, and our copywriter applied her extensive technical writing experience to deliver what they needed.

includes: Consulting Copywriting Editing TechWriting
Your Success AllyThis life coaching startup needed a website and branding created from scratch. We designed a brand-centric website with a clean layout, easy navigation, and a clear call to action. Custom branding and graphics were created appeal to the holistic-minded target market, and we included social media elements and sharing cues. We set up hosting, automatic backups, and enhanced security, and delivered the site to a satisfied client.

includes: Branding Database Graphics HTML4 LeadDeveloper MVC MySQL SysAdmin
ZonePerfect Promotion mobile enabled databaseThis is a simple web hosted database. What makes it interesting is the user interface, which is designed to be used on a wide range of devices from Android and iPhone devices to tablets and laptops.

includes: Authentication CSS3 HTML5 MVC MySQL Responsive
ComicCon AMC Walking Dead TouchscreenWorking as a contractor for a marketing agency, we created a touchscreen experience for ComicCon visitors that turned people into Zombies and placed them into a promotion video.

includes: Database jQuery MVC Touchscreen XHTML
Alpha Mechanical Services Proposal SystemA system that is used to create and organize proposals. Using SSL and user authentication, this private web application allows this successful company to create, organize and search for proposals more efficiently.

includes: Authentication CSS3 HTML5 MVC MySQL PDFGeneration PHP SSL
Golden Hill Law GroupThis is a simple, branded web presence for a law practice in Golden Hill, in San Diego.

includes: CSS3 Database Graphics HTML5 LeadDeveloper MySQL
Mobile Worship NetworkThis was an iPhone application for videos with separate channels for different ministries.

includes: Daemon MySQL Perl SysAdmin Transcoding XHTML
Greater San Diego Business Association (GSDBA)We donated brochure design, copywriting, and printing services to help them out. We created a tri-fold brochure with distinctive graphics and a clean layout as a welcoming invitation to potential participants.

includes: Copywriting Graphics
Lucent Technologies' Visual InsightsOur consultant created website content, product/feature naming, and marketing collateral that instantly conveys the software’s impressive power.

includes: Branding Consulting Copywriting TechWriting
Bell LaboratoriesOver several years, our writer developed technical materials for the corporate computing division of Bell Labs. She wrote, edited, and coordinated production of the following materials for UNIX system, computing services, and networking services: User & reference manuals, quick reference cards, system administration guides, training materials, requirements & specifications, project plans and schedules, reports, proposals, technical articles, newsletters, software scripts & macros, templates.

includes: Editing Graphics TechWriting
Apex Corporate ServicesThis business incorporation company needed a website to convey to prospective customers the outstanding benefits and competitive advantages they offer. We created complete website content that positions them well, with SEO that paid off with top Google rankings for primary keywords.

includes: Copywriting Editing MarketingStrategy SEO
International Technidyne CorporationOur copywriter transformed their drafts into clear final documents that adhered to current tech writing standards and style specifications, clarifying and refining content for extreme accuracy.

includes: Editing TechWriting
AT&TOver a period of ten years working at AT&T, our marketing expert established herself as a highly-rated marketing manager, consultant, and writer. As a technical marketing manager, she developed and directed marketing programs for IT products and services.

includes: Branding Copywriting Editing Graphics
San Diego River Park FoundationThey needed a multi-page brochure to introduce their Corporate Partner Program to potential partners, and they already had a fantastic layout and graphic design. Our copywriter provided a thorough content edit for style, clarity, punctuation, and grammar.

includes: Copywriting
Karaoke For CashKaraoke for Cash was a national singing competition that started online and culminated on television. Performers auditioned using a virtual recording studio, then voters chose the winners each week, culminating in winners who appeared on the live television show. We consulted on website strategy and developed the website layout, backend databases, and video processing and management.

includes: Database FFMPEG LeadDeveloper MVC MySQL Perl PHP SysAdmin Transcoding
Nestle Aguas Frescas Karaoke ContestThis was a national web-based karaoke contest sponsored by Nestle. Our programming lead led development and performed most of the web development for this project, including web development, server creation and administration, video processing daemon programming and overall architecture of all technical aspects of the project.

includes: Database MVC MySQL XHTML
Global Business SolutionsOffering the next generation of tax strategies for financial advisors worldwide, this business services firm needed an effective direct marketing campaign. Our copywriter helped craft a persuasive cover letter that positioned Global Business Solutions in its rightful place as one of the leading American LLC services firms.

includes: Copywriting GhostWriting
Exceptional Pet Services by DianeThis established pet services business needed a web presence to reflect the professionalism and integrity of the services provided. We created a responsive website that auto-formats to deliver a quality impression on all device types: depending on the browser size and capabiliies, visual elements stack or unstack, images resize, and the navigation menu changes format appropriately. The clean layout focuses the reader on the services themselves, and the custom graphics combine a cartoon theme with elements of nature to convey the fun personality and warmth of the service provider.

includes: Branding CSS3 Database Graphics HTML5 MVC MySQL Responsive
All Access KaraokeOur lead developer led development of a web-based system and presence for a new karaoke television competition. Includes all phases of project management, technical framework, video processing, server administration, system design, development and implementation.

includes: Database LeadDeveloper MVC MySQL PHP SEO SysAdmin Transcoding XHTML
Wireless KnowledgeOur writer was the first communications expert this Microsoft/Qualcomm joint venture brought on during startup.

includes: Consulting Copywriting Editing TechWriting